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Buying from X and seeking service from Y becomes tricky for you. Increases the count of your vendors, and it makes things complicated. Also, you face the issue of accountability & unproductive follow-ups.We sell, We maintain, We Repair & We Care.Nirant Computers have been incorporated especially to serve the smaller & medium scale businesses most finely and letting you focus on productive work of generating revenues. So leave your worries on us. Our Annual Maintenance Contract are as cheap as Rs.5/day, and yet your systems are 100% covered for all threats, breakdowns, and risks.

The structured In-house Care Center

Call Log > Primary Diagnostic > Primary Trouble Shooting > Task Assignment > Tentative Delivery Date alongwith observation and action > Delivery > Call Closed.

Why you should sign up with us.

  • Exclusive Mobile App for your breakdown
  • Call log Report
  • Affordable & Reliable service
  • Repairing is a priority than replacement
  • Hardware service on site